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* Essential Elements of Oral Health
*  Four Things You Should Know about Flea and Tick Topical Solutions

* Preventing Weaning Puppy Stall Out
* Winter Weather Skin & Coat Care 
* Keeping it Spic n' Span  pg. 1
*Keeping it Spic n' Span  pg. 2
* The American Dog Breeder
* The American Dog Breeder-pg 2
*Managing Females-Avoiding C-Sections in Dogs
 * Microchips Provide Another Link for Lost Pets
* Fading Puppies or Losing Litters-page 1
*Fading Puppies page 2
* Giving Dogs a Choice & Options for their future. pg 1
*Giving Dogs a Choice-pg 2
Big Business! More Dog Trafficking in the News!
​ *Population Medicine & Bio Security Considerations for Brucellosis-pg 1
 Population Medicine-pg 2.
* Water Soluble Vitamins-Vitamins C, Biotin and B Complex-page 1-from Midwestern Pet Foods Midwestern Pet Foods
* Best Kennel Practices of 2015-from Revival Animal Health
* Electrolyte Administration-from Lambert Vet Supply.
* USDA Best Practices for Brucella canis Prevention & Control
* AKC Initiatives help Breeders Succeed-page 1
**AKC Initiatives-page 2
How to Use Colostrum Replacers & Calcium for Dogs
* PeTA Attacks Future Farmers of America! 
Managing Your Medicine Cabinet-page 1
Managing Your Medicine Cabinet-page 2
Fallacy of the Humane Economy-page 1
Fallacy of the Humane Economy-page 2
* Dog Breeding-Heat Cycle Management
* Warm Weather Pests- A Danger to Pets
Managing Stud Dogs-Hot Weather Breeding-page 1
Managing Stud Dogs-Hot Weather Breeding-page 2
* AKC Canine Health News Release
Preparations are Critical after Birth
Does my Dog need a Vitamin? 
* Innovative Ideas for Kennels! page 1
* Innovative Ideas for Kennels-page 2
​*Managing E Coli in the Kennel
Many Option Available for Kennel Cough Vaccine
*Assessing Kennel Dog 1
*Assessing Kennel 2